Where to Get Peptides in the UK?

First off, given that you have clicked through to read about where to buy peptides in the UK then we are going to make the inductive leap and presume that you have already undertaken your own research in regards to the many different peptides and the host of benefits they can offer! If you haven’t yet looked into the many different types then we highly suggest that you first read our brief introduction to peptides and pay particular attention to our in depth articles on Growth-Hormone-Releasing Hormone (GHRH)

When looking to purchase peptides within the UK it is first important that you understand the legality around the use and purchase of peptides. It’s here where many can often become confused as “banned in sport” doesn’t always equate to “illegal” but often still carries the similar negative connotations! Given that peptides are looking to be a significant part in the future treatment of many different conditions it would be unjust by any government to make them completely illegal as this would stifle academic research and limit advancements in the development of potential treatments which has now come to be yet another commodity in today’s society! Hence to clarify currently in the UK peptides are legal to buy, sell and use……..for research purposes only

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So given that you are intending to monitor any changes and tell your fellow gyms bros about how after stacking ipamorelin with  CJC1295 you not only saw noticeable differences in your body composition but you’ve also been having the best nights sleep ever and that of course given your experience now researching peptides make sure you tell them to get CJC1295 without DAC coz we’ve all read somewhere that this creates the best bang for your buck when looking to efficiently mimic the effects seen by HGH……..all in the the name of research of course!!

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Now Thats out of the way lets get to it, one thing to note however, in the sketchy world of “research purposes only” its not uncommon for most suppliers to only offer payment via “bank transfer” now to a suspicious newbie or a flat earther this can at first seem as though it is nothing more than a ploy to steal you of your hard earned cash without any intentions of sending the peptides you desperately need for your “research”, however it is mainly due to the major finance companies who handle online payment platforms such as stripe not allowing such business to utilise online payment methods as a means of protecting their own business should anything ever emerge about them facilitating the purchasing of peptides for the use of purely extending ones ego and not neccerarry for “research”. Hence, do not be put of via the bank transfer payment that often persist among such sites.

1 – UKPEPTIDES 149 Trust Pilot Reviews 4.2* Rating

UKPEPTIDES makes it to number one on our list of go to places to buy peptides in the UK for its longstanding quality and efficiency when looking to buy peptides. The website itself is very easy to navigate and they offer a vast array of peptides all of which is presented with a basic summarisation on the literature which supports the peptides use and a quality certification on the purity of the products on offer! However it doesn’t end there, when purchasing peptides from then providing your buying on a weekday you can usually expect delivery of them the very next day! Having purchased peptides from them for the purpose of this article (Research) we was amazed at how fast they was delivered and thus enabled us to start our (research) much faster then anticipated. Having a quick look on their trustpilot page to you can see review after review which clearly illustrates that the guys at UKPEPTIDES have really got a foothold on the market offering a service which is equally as good as the products they sell. Given the vast amount of information within each of the product pages it is also a great way to get a quick incite into each of the peptides where you can then delve much deeper into the research to see which if any you might want to try!

After reaching out to the team they also provided us with a discount code to use for any of our readers who are looking to purchase from them directly! Make sure you copy and paste the code below for a 12.5% discount!

Discount Code – UKPEP12

2 – PUREPEPTIDESUK 14 Trust Pilot Reviews 4.5* Rating

Now i no what your thinking…..4.5* is higher bro….however we are in the world of research remember and thus the reliability and validity question arises when we have a smaller sample size which is not a total representation of the population! Hence a 4.2* rating is a considerably greater achievement with 149 reviews than a 4,5* rating with 14. However nonetheless PUREPEPTIDESUK appears to be a reputable source of peptides within the UK. The site also offers COMBO PACKS which look to provide you with the most notable stacks in a larger quantity for a discounted price so that everyone’s a winner!!!

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The amount of peptides stocked however isn’t quite as extensive as UKPEPTIDES and the product pages themselves are extremely limited in comparison offer very little detail about what it is your buying or the legitimacy of the product. Hence although the combo stack offers look appealing id much rather have the piece of mind when looking to ensure what it is being bought and exactly what the research states about its function within the body.

3 PEPTIDESUK 1 Trust pilot Review 3.6* Rating

Initially we had planned to feature PEPTIDESUK at number two on this list thanks to lots of positive things we had heard from some of the GYMBRO research which has been undertaken! However it was only upon reflection of the measly 1 trust pilot review that we couldn’t realistically justify placing it above PUREPEPTIDESUK. However irrespective of trust pilot reviews it still warrants a place on our list and in our hearts for the many positive things we have heard in regards to the quality of peptides on offer! Also, despite us using trust pilot as a benchmark throughout the process of reviewing where to buy peptides in the UK that only actually works of the companies where referring to actually have set up trust pilot and are actively using it to seek reviews and further promote their business. The fact that PEPTIDESUK only has one review yet is still one of the most dominant and reliable suppliers of peptides within the UK then this further supports the notion that the products on offer are pretty reliable and of a good enough quality to keep people purchasing from them! PEPTIDESUK also have a pretty extensive catalogue of peptides on offer and they also offer combo packs for those that are fully dedicated to their “research” However yet again the product pages lack the information needed when looking to learn about the many different peptides. Because lets be honest, we all go to the peptides website and click on most of them until we read a description like “research has shown AOD1849910023 to not only increase muscle mass in vivo studies but to also drastically decrease body fat as well as making the subject appear more handsome” and its only at that point we decide we want to become researchers and purchase that specific peptide!!!

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Final Thoughts

As always when looking to buy peptides it is actually important that you’ve done your research beforehand in regards to the actual compounds themselves and not just the website you are purchasing them from! Given that, it is one of the main reasons UKPEPTIDES is our go to place when looking to purchase peptides for our “research” as they offer an array of products with a detailed description from the academic literature and they deliver them the very next day! And if that wasn’t enough of a reason they also sent us a cheeky little discount code!

Stay Safe & Stay Lifting!!

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Everything You Need To Know About Peptides

A peptide is a short chain of amino acids. The amino acids in a peptide are connected to one another in a sequence by bonds called peptide bonds. Typically, peptides are distinguished from proteins by their shorter length, although the cut-off number of amino acids for defining a peptide and protein can be arbitrary.

peptides molecular structure

In short peptides can be seen as a small chain of amino acids that aren’t quite long enough to be considered a protein. These small chains of amino acids can be found in all cells of the human body. They are useful for efficient production of hormones, including growth hormone (GH), which are protein based. Peptides are of different types, including polymers, oligopeptides and neuropeptides.

So then the question is why have Peptides come to dominate a large proportion of the substances which athletes turn to when looking to enhance their performance? 

This is because in essence peptides can be seen as the building blocks that create protein. This means that peptides offer athletes a considerable anabolic effect on muscle mass. These effects then have multiple mechanistic pathways to performance enhancement as not only will peptides offer a more anabolic environment for muscles to build it also significantly enhances the rate of recovery from strenuous bouts of exercise which in itself is a highly desirable performance enhancing quality. 

The effect peptides have upon the production of growth hormone however is most definitely the biggest reason they pop up on so many athletes radars!  Your body uses peptides to promote increased secretion of HGH. They, therefore, make it easier for interested persons to achieve bigger muscle mass. Their usage may help enhance strength. It is even said that these small amino acid chains could boost testosterone production.

The Different Types of Peptides

There are many different types of peptides each are a specific set of amino acids bond together in a chain which look to do a specific job within the body. Some of these are more suited to specific purposes – say, muscle mass building, fat burning or performance enhancement. The variety of peptide offerings on the market are categorized into groups. This is usually based on their mode of action. Following are some of the most popular groups and peptides that fall under them.

Growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) is produced by the hypothalamus and stimulates growth hormone synthesis and release in the anterior pituitary gland. In addition, GHRH is an important regulator of cellular functions in many cells and organs.

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Mod-GRF 1-29 is a synthetically made version of growth hormone releasing hormone (GHRH), the chemical in the body responsible for stimulating natural growth hormone production. Sometimes referred to as CJC-1295 without DAC, it is categorized as a growth hormone secretagogue, a compound which stimulates increased secretion of growth hormone from the pituitary gland.

CJC-1295 is like Ipamorelin, but it is a 29-amino acid peptide hormone. It also offers many anti-aging benefits. Like Ipamorelin, it also stimulates growth hormone secretion, leading to youthful looking skin. Other benefits include improved recovery, strengthened immune system, and increased protein synthesis

HGH Fragment is a modified form of amino acids 176-191 at the C-terminal region of the human growth hormone (HGH). Studies have shown that it works by mimicking the way natural HGH regulates fat metabolism but without the adverse effects on insulin sensitivity (blood sugar) or cell proliferation (muscle growth) that is seen with unmodified HGH. Like unmodified GH, the HGH fragment 176-191 stimulates lipolysis (breaking down of fat) and inhibits lipogenesis (the formation of fatty acids and other lipids in the body).

Sermorelin is a peptide analogue of growth hormone-releasing hormone which is used as a diagnostic agent to assess growth hormone secretion for the purpose of diagnosing growth hormone deficiency.

These compounds may be considered an improvement on GHRH in terms of ability to induce growth hormone secretion. GHRP, it is thought, causes secretion of greater amounts of GH in the body. Unlike in the case of GHRH, you do not need to aim at specific times to take advantage of pulse produced by your body. Growth hormone releasing peptides produce growth hormone burst practically any time you take them. They are also available in different types, including the following:

Ipamorelin is a peptide used to help augment growth hormone production. Ipamorelin is composed of five amino acids, that stimulate the pituitary gland to produce more growth hormone naturally. Benefits include decreased body fat, increased lean muscle mass, improved sleep, and increased collagen production.

Users get even greater growth hormone release from this peptide than both GHRP-6 and GHRP-2. Much like other GHRP and GHRH peptides, it is believed to be useful for muscle building, fat loss and anti-aging. Hexarelin is stronger than practically all other growth hormone releasing peptides at all dosing levels. But this means it has higher potential to desensitize, regardless of dose or whether breaks are observed.

This class of peptides is used to enhance the insulin-like growth of muscles by bodybuilders. These compounds are great for targeting specific muscle groups. Also known as Somatomedic C, IGF-1 has become one of the more popular peptides used for muscle building in the last 10 years or so. Englishman Dorian Yates, who was named Mr. Olympian for six straight years in the 1990s, is thought to have been a prominent user. This contributed to make many professional bodybuilders to include it in their regimen as well. IGF-1 is also available in different variants.


Also known as PEG-MGF, this peptide not only helps to promote muscle growth, but also to cause new muscle cells to be formed. The IGF-1 form is linked to polyethylene glycol (PEG), which differentiates it from ordinary mechano growth factor. The implication of this is that the half-life of MGF increases from minutes to days. It is more ideal to use PEG-MGF after workouts. The reason for this is the mechano-sensitive nature of MGF. That means it is activated by mechanical stimulus. The peptide facilitates faster recovery from muscle damage.

The list of peptides mentioned so far is of course not exhaustive. There are numerous other types on the market, some of which may not be necessarily beneficial for bodybuilding

Peptides Buying Guide

Infographic Guide to buying the different types of peptides


Reflecting on both the different types of peptides available to buy within the UK and the best place you can purchase them online one thing goes without saying, Do Your Own Research First! You should never look to purchase anything without undertaking a substantial amount of research yourself first especially when it’s concerned with research chemicals such as Peptides! Hence, It is that very reason why we ranked UKPEPTIDES the best place to buy peptides as each product page is packed with information based upon what the research has found and that makes it easy to see why they have a total of 149 Trust Pilot Reviews 4.2* Rating 

If your looking to purchase Peptides in the UK then there is a pretty good chance you’ve also considered the Best Place to buy SARMS Online in the UK,  If so then be sure to check out our latest article where we do a very similar breakdown in order of rank for quality and surety when buying SARMS in the UK

Different types of sarms to buy in the uk

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