Suspension Straps
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Suspension Straps


Suspension Straps 2.0 the new Lift & Press suspension trainer takes the home gym workout to the next level with the ability to clip on which ever grip attachments you prefer!!


The Lift & Press Press Suspension straps are the next generation of suspension trainers as we are the first to include interchangeable attachments to the straps via the snap hooks provided! The kit works just like your traditional suspension trainer however through the integration of a clip on clip off system you are able to change the grip attachments to any one you like!!! (like you amazing fat grip attachments! Or Tricep ropes etc) the system is Light and portable, the Suspension Training Kit lets you train anywhere, anytime. Perform over 50 different exercises, including pull, push, lunges, squats, rotations and planks, using more or less of your body weight simply by varying the exercise angle. The Suspension Training Kit includes the suspension strap with handles, suspension anchor, door anchor