Landmine attachment for home gym workouts
Landmine Squeeze
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Landmine Squeeze


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Give your Lats the workout they deserve and squeeze them into submission. Perform much deeper contractions and produce a greater stress-stimuli response which will increase by hypertrophy and symmetry within the Latissimus dorsi.


The landmine squeeze comes ready to work with all barbell specifications as the Heavy-duty Steel Core Rubber grip handles are Pre-sewn onto a heavy-duty Stainless Steel O-ring that simply slides over the barbell collar.

The use of steel core handles alongside the toughest Nylon webbing provides a number of significant advantages over traditional fixed solid steel attachments which limit the contraction and therefore the squeeze of the Latissimus dorsi to the chest. In contrast, the use of steel handles alongside heavy Duty webbing enables the handles to split and perform a much deeper contraction similar to that of dumbbell rows but with superior postural symmetry. As the range of motion under tension is significantly increased resulting in a deeper squeeze yet evenly distributed load both sides of the Latissimus dorsi are activated synergistically under a greater amount of stress-stimuli which results in increased Hypertrophy and symmetry of the working back muscles. The attachment also works great for numerous different trap exercises as again it allows for the split at the top of the contraction which forces the working muscles to work much harder under tension.


-Steel Core Handles
-Textured Rubber Grip Handles
-Heavy Duty 60mm Stainless Steel O ring  (compatible with all barbells)
-Heavy Duty Nylon Webbing


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