Home Gym Cable System by Lift & Press made to attach to sqyat racks
Home Gym Cable Pulley System – Power Rack
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Home Gym Cable Pulley System – Power Rack


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The Lift & Press home gym cable system is the perfect addition to any setup. The systems are rated to 150KG and come with pre-sewn anchor loops which easily enable the pulley to be attached to squat racks or any other potential anchor point!

The cable pulley system also comes with three heavy-duty snap clips so that you clip the pulley onto the anchor wherever you like then clip the premium loading pin on with any weights you have at home IE plates…. dumbells… Sandbags… Kettlebells Anything you want to lift by using the third snap clip to hook up the tricep attachment and get lifting!! Max load of 150kg per single cable so potentially 300KG if two used together as double cable system for flyes etc.

The system also comes with our premium webbing loading pin which comes in either 1″ or 2″ to ensure it fits the specific weight plates you are using within the home gym! However, the loading pin itself is a very versatile piece of equipment as it can double up as an adjustable kettlebell/dumbbell to make sure you get some killer HIIT workouts in!!

The cable used within the systems is commercial grade Nylon 11 7×19 which has a breaking load capacity of 1200KG and its specialised abrasion-resistant properties make it the perfect choice to take your home gym to the next level as you hit those lat pulldowns, lat rows and get a pump going in those arms!


Included in order

Nylon 11 coated Cable with 1200 kg breaking load ✅

360-degree rotation pully with a working load of 150KG ✅

Premium Webbing Loading pin ✅

3 Snap clips for anchor, Loading pin and attachment ✅

Anchor cable/ attachment to hang the cable system anywhere ✅

Tricep attachment ✅

Forever home gains ✅✅✅



If you are looking for a Top and Bottom Cable system for your home gym or to attach to any squat rack even in commercial settings then we also stock a double System & a cross over system which you can see in the link below!


Top & Bottom Pulley System 

Cable Cross Over Pulley System 

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  1. Michael Johnson

    Great purchase for my home gym!!

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