Gym handle attachment for cable machine
Alpha Gripz
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Alpha Gripz


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The Alpha Gripz were designed specifically to increase the range of motion over traditional handles which predominantly operate within a singular linear motion. The 360° snap hook enables pronation and Supination at the wrist whilst performing any movement. The benefits of increased planes of motion during the exercise are pretty self explanatory but you can most definitely expect a far better contraction and a much more intense squeeze in the muscles!!


The Alpha Gripz bring together a host of benefits from several other products!! The curved handle is perfect for all pulling exercises when looking to fully isolate a muscle during the contraction and thus increase the stress stimuli response.

The alpha Gripz however don’t stop there the handles come with 8mm heavy duty swivel snap hooks sewn into the loop which then allows 360° rotation at the hook resulting in a freely moving handle which then allows rotation throughout the contraction.

Styled in the iconic Lift & Press Black and orange made from tubar webbing and polypropylene webbing these are not only the best functional handles available but they are also pretty nice to look at!! With a break load of 50kg per handle that puts the total of the set up to a 100kg which should be enough for most exercises given the more intense squeeze potentially hitting muscle striations you may have yet to develop.