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guide to buying peptides in the uk

Best Place to Buy Peptides in the UK

Where to Get Peptides in the UK? First off, given that you have clicked through to read about where to buy peptides in the UK then we are going to make the inductive leap and presume that you have already undertaken your own research in regards to the many different peptides and the host of […]

post workout carbs - vitargo by lift & Press

The only Carb you Need post-workout

Make the most out of your workout by using the best source of carbohydrates afterwards to replenish muscle glycogen!

why follow the 16 8 diet? Read how intermittent fasting can help loose weight

Fasting For Optimal Metabolic Functioning – 16 8 Diet

Did you know that following the 16 8 diet protocol for intermittent fasting can not only help you lose weight but completely alter your metabolic functioning? In our latest article, we discuss how the 16 8 diet causes the body to use fat for fuel whilst also triggering the process of autophagy!

Drugs and Weight Loss!

While everyone knows Diet and exercise are the most effective and natural way to manage ones weight it would be ridiculous to ignore the significant effects many different types of drugs can have upon aiding or even accelerating the weight loss! With that said, it’s important to note that a viable approach to managing weight […]

The 7 Essential Supplements When looking to meet your Performance and Conditioning Goals

In a world where everyone is trying to sell you something its important to understand what is actually worth buying based on the facts and what is just simply trying to use half-naked people on Instagram to try and take your hard-earned cash! The health and fitness industry has seen a huge influx of underhanded […]

Carbohydrates – The Facts

When looking to implement a successful nutritional strategy its important to understand the different types of calories we consume and how these can impact the goals that we are trying to reach. The three differing subgroups of calories can be seen as; carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Now those three terms you should already be pretty […]

Growth-Hormone-Releasing Hormone

Growth-Hormone-Releasing Hormone (GHRH) is a chain of 44 amino acids that is predominantly secreted by the hypothalamic neurons and is considered to be the main regulator of the pituitary somatotrophs. GHRH has attracted much attention amongst the sporting & fitness communities due to its ability to stimulate the body to secrete more growth hormone through […]

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