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In a world  that is often plagued with illness both physically & mentally we recognise the significance of enabling everyone to achieve a great workout. What was once a basic human instinct has come to be a form of luxurious commodity as many corporations have looked to benefit financially through expensive gym memberships and even more expensive home gym equipment. Lift and Press is a company founded upon the belief that good quality exercise should not just be available to everyone but is in fact essential if a modern society is to equip its citizens with the mental fortitude and physical health to take on life’s daily challenges!

Why we are different

Lift and Press truly believe that in today’s fast-paced society that health really is wealth! Looking after both your physical & Mental wellbeing has never been as important as it is today! And it’s for that exact reason that we pride ourselves on always looking to provide buyers with the best gym equipment on the market at reasonable prices!!

Commercial Grade

We use commercial Grade Nylon 11 Cable in all of our Cable systems which provide you with the strongest gym cable available on the market!

Great Workout

You will not get a better workout from any other single piece of equipment! the cable system literally enables you to target every muscle in the body & if that wasnt enough for you then the loading pin also doubles up as a Kettlebell/Dumbbell for some Killer Workouts!!

Cost Effective

We believe Exercise should not be a commodity only available to the upper echelon of todays society and it is for that very reason we look to provide the best price possible on all of our products

Real talk from our real customers

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction! Click the link below to see all of our reviews on Facebook for customers who have bought our commercial-grade home gym equipment!

Lift & Press
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Lorenzo Galanti
Lorenzo Galanti
Lorenzo from Italy. Really like these products and wasn’t able to find them in Italy. So decided to buy them from UK.... Excellent customer service, perfect materials and impeccable shipment.Thank you Lift & Press 👏🏻👏🏻read more
Sarah Louise
Sarah Louise
We purchased the cable cross over. Great service and overall a great product. Enabled us to work a variety of muscle... groups and is very versatile. Thank you!!read more
Alex Fricker
Alex Fricker
Fantastic Company and products, great customer service. Highly Recommended. Many Thanks🙂
Rob Griffiths
Rob Griffiths
What an AMAZING system!!Received mine today (fast delivery!) and can’t believe how much weight this can take!It’s... really strong and put together wellEverything you need is in the box !Also, the communication and customer service is brilliant Well done on these products and the way you deal with people !!read more
Filipe Alex
Filipe Alex
Received the Comercial Home Cable Gym Pulley System. Strong material with smooth movement, it holds on perfectly to... whatever load I use. Recommended.read more
Dave Atkinson
Dave Atkinson
I've just purchased a commercial home gym pulley system from lift and press and it's Brill, had first workout with it... last night. Fantastic quality product at a bargain price and very quick arrival after I ordered it. I'll buy from them again. Many thanks lift and press.read more
Andrew Fitzpatrick
Andrew Fitzpatrick
Purchased their pulley system and it’s fantastic
Bradley Gregg
Bradley Gregg
So as I was building my home-gym I realised as much as I loved my barbell and power rack I still wanted the variety of... cables 🧐But I REFUSED to get a stand alone cable unit for £1000’s 😳! I stumbled across home pulley systems but they mostly let me down with either; low maximum weight (30-50kg) or still over £100! Then I found Lift and Press on eBay 🙌🥳! Great product information and super-helpful when answering questions. And when it came to install, I was super impressed!!! A bit WD40 on the pulley to keep it super smooth and I was away! Loading the weight is easy and every part is high quality and I’m not nervous about stacking 70kg to 80kg on for a heavy Lat Pull or Seated Row!10/10 would recommend to a friend 👌read more
Kyle Stringer
Kyle Stringer
Arrived on time, and is a good quality piece of equipment. Lovely stuff.
Christopher Peters
Christopher Peters
Well impressed with this, thanks!
Jonathan McMillan
Jonathan McMillan
awesome bit of kit just what I needed to complete my home gym, top service even hand delivered to my house as I wasn't... far so that I could have it sooner.Would highly recommend.read more
Steff Davies
Steff Davies
Great product that’s added a lot of value to my make shift home gym! Thanks a lot, here’s how I have mine set up.
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